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    The Launch with Tim Vasquez

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    Best Dallas SEO | Best Dallas Social Media | Best Dallas You Tube Marketer

    Best Real Estate Agent Dallas | Best Realtor Dallas

    I make all types of videos to market your business. Talk to me and we can make one for you TONS cheaper and you will still get your message across. ALL OF MY VIDEOS MAKE PAGE ONE OF THE SEARCH ENGINES with your business website in it.

    214-699-6952 OR thelaunchtim@gmail.com

    Mike is a licensed and experienced real estate agent with your best interests in mind! Call 214-316-2472


    For Jaw Dropping Media it's about:

    • Search Engine Optimization Marketing.

    • Social Media Marketing.

    • Video Marketing ( placing EVERY client on Page ONE of the search engines )

    • I teach LinkedIn to best promote yourself and your business. My profile has been listed as in the top 10% of most viewed LinkedIn profiles in the world.

    • I am a much sought after speaker and presenter.

    • I am an accomplished author and I have books that have been tagged as Hot New Releases by Amazon. I will help you get your book together and help market it. I teach group classes.

    • I've worked with people and businesses as diverse as a DJ Service, a Bariatric Company, a Chiropractor, a Neurosurgeon, Real Estate Professionals, an oil and gas investment group and many others. I can work with you.

  • WHAT TIM and Mike DO

    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who you care for the most. Your clients.

    Tim Vasquez is  Jaw Dropping Media

    Mission: SEO + Social Media + Marketing = Money For You

    Dallas, Texas ( Anywhere )


    Jaw Dropping Media empowers businesses with the information and resources they need to pursue clients with purpose.


    I speak plainly and don't give you gobbledeegook talk to try to impress you. The people that do that? They are trying to get your hard earned money and try to flim flam you. Talk to them, then talk to me. I have your best interest in mind. Call 214-699-6952

    Mike Vasquez is Brokered By: Texas Premier Realty

    Mission: Information + Honesty = Integrity

    Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


    My belief is you need the best and most timely information because that is going to impact your real estate decision. Todays real estate client needs an ingenious resource that can separate the wheat from the chaff to help guide them in the complex process that real estate has become and I am that person. Look, I'm a consumer too. The biggest compliment I get is "Hey, you're just like me!" That's right. I speak plainly but honestly. I earnestly try to get you the best deal I can as if it were me buying or selling my own property. Call 214-316-2472



    Mike is the BEST Realtor with your interest in mind and ethical beyond reproach! I am THE BEST at Video Marketing. EVERY CLIENT hits PAGE ONE of YouTube, Google or BOTH.


    Chief Hug Officer

    Stare into his face. Agent Provocateur. Social Celebrity. Modest. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Speaker. Author. SEO
    Architect and Social Media Maven and Host of The Launch Podcast with Tim Vasquez, a business marketing podcast with quick and easy tips and tricks to build your online business presence. It's heard every Friday at 10am.

    He's a instigator & entrepreneur, occasional social media/seo blogger, internet marketing maven, emcee of many charities,
    rolls over bad people who take your hard earned money for SEO and Social Media and opens doors for ladies. He's the
    founding partner of Jaw Dropping Media, an Internet and Marketing firm in Dallas that regularly ranks clients on the FIRST page of Google and or You Tube.

    His professional expertise: Expert Social Media Dallas. Expert SEO Dallas. Expert Marketing Dallas. Hot New Release Author from Amazon, Creative in Projects, Internet Marketing, Brick and Mortar Marketing, Online Business Building, Community Evangelism and speaks at the United Nations on occasion. ( ok,maybe not, but he does like to speak and help people )




    Chief Burger Officer


    I've been in the DFW radio market since 1990. Formally heard on 102.1 The Edge on The Jagger Show.

    I have my real estate license and can show you houses in Texas. I am ethical, loyal and will do what it takes to make you happy with buying or selling your home.

    I love the business of real estate. SEO and real estate go hand in hand and it made sense to partner with my brother to bring this show to the teeming masses.

    I'm not in the business to list homes, I am in the business to sell homes. I am a top rated agent and go the extra mile to make sure your real estate experience exceeds your expectations.

    I'm married with a 5 year old daughter. I also love love love exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants and if you didn't guess it...I'm The Man when it comes to finding a good burger in the Metroplex.

  • SIR EARL TOON ( Of Kool and the Gang) AND INFINITE JOURNEY ( The best journey tribute band in the country) ..SINGING "STAND BY ME" LIVE IN STUDIO

    The Mike and Tim Show! Bringing It on our old show!

    This was an amazing performance by Sir Earl Toon and Infinite Journey!

  • I'll teach you how to be an author!

    Once you become an author, you become an authority, a thought leader and an influencer!

    Want To Get Your Book Idea Going?

    Mission: Tell Your Story + Market Your Book = Money


    You've got a book. You don't have a book. You know you want to be published. You've got an idea. You want to be an authority. You want to leave a legacy. 



    I can and will teach you ways to get your book together for publishing online. Even if you don't have a book, no problem. I'll show you a secret way to make a book your own and you DON'T have to write a thing and it's FREE.


    Even if you have never written a book before, I'll show you how you can use your CELL PHONE to make a book.


    If you are in business, writing a book makes you the authority, the thought leader, the influencer. Imagine getting more business over your competitor because of writing a book, people look to you as an expert.


    If you want to leave a legacy, having a book published gives you that. NO ONE can ever take that away from you. 


    Who am I? I am a published author of several books, my last 2 were released as Hot New Releases by Amazon. That is due to sales and downloads. So I know how to market!


    I will teach you how to market your book and while I can't promise the same results, you have a better chance getting your book seen by going to my class than not.


    The class is $97.00 for over two hours of putting your book together, getting it published and mainly, how to market your book.


    I accept Paypal, cash and credit cards. 


    When you pay you secure a spot. Just email me at the bottom of the page and we will work out arrangements if you need too. I want everybody to have a chance to get their dream going!






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    The No B.S. SEO Book For Your Business

    Number 4 on Hot New Releases!

    The Snarky Guide To Cigars

    Number 1 under Hot New Releases!


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